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Getting your feelings down on paper can ignite some real sparks, plus create a keepsake for years to come. Put on your swimsuits, shake up some margs and look at photos of your last beach getaway. You’ll almost feel the sand between your toes.

Creativity feels even more satisfying when you do a project with your sweetheart. Don’t worry if you’re not a pro artist; there’s beauty in imperfection. Ensure you’ve got danceable tunes all night long by taking control of the jukebox at a local watering hole. I don’t know about you, but I’m always too full to get dessert after a nice dinner.

Sometimes you become so used to your home town or city that you forget what draws tourists to it. Take a day to visit and rediscover your love for your home. Stop inside places you often pass but never go into.

While you’re there, you can also enjoy the all-you-can-eat buffets and open bars that casinos offer. If the weather is in your favor, this is a great date night idea. Get a book on constellations, aim your telescope at the stars see how many you can pick out. Though this idea is simple, it’s known to build strong feelings of attraction, closeness, and love between a couple.

Splurge on a Michelin Star restaurant

In each room, pick your favorite piece of art and talk about why you like it. These are the ways that policy-makers set policy. Legislators and judges may say something different, but as a representative of your country, you work for the Head of State / Head of Government. Start with the website for your country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs / Department of State. You want to know the latest news on your topics, as well as your own country. The simplest way to do this is to run searches on Yahoo! News and Google News, and print out the headlines.

Play cards

Romantic, whether you actually go on it or not. Level up your kitchen know-how and get to enjoy a delicious meal, all in one. Grab some steamy reading from your local library or used book store and take turns reading to each other. You’ll be in the mood before you can say “once upon a time.” Even (or especially!) if you have two left feet, taking a dance class can make a unique date. You’ll be the talk of the dance floor at the next wedding or party when you bust a move.

Make a Hot Cocoa Bar

There’s nothing like getting out in nature to soothe the soul. But when have you taken one as an adult? Go get in touch with your inner elementary school self and relive an awesome field trip from the past.

This works best if you agree on a theme or genre of movies ahead of time, and take turns picking what you’ll watch next. Needless to say, movie-watching treats are a must. Sometimes, a relaxing night can become one of the best second date ideas. The nice thing about this idea is that the talk can be about absolutely anything. Choosing to stay right in your home town can give all the good feels of travel without any of the stress. Plan out a nice staycation at a nearby hotel and cook a nice dinner for her.

There’s no greater place to bring out the child in you than at a trampoline park. Stargazing is a great way for couples to relax and connect with each other. Watch each others’ favorite childhood movies, indulging in favorite childhood snacks while you do. Go to a garden center together and pick out some plants or houseplants. Make popcorn and hot cocoa and work on a puzzle together. Visit the library together and pick out a book for each other.

Bring snacks and drinks, and head out together to watch a movie of your choice. If you’re both the outgoing type, karaoke with your date can be incredibly endearing and fun. Whether it’s an all-out karaoke bar or a small karaoke booth for hire, grab a couple of mics and reach for those high notes.

When in doubt, it’s always a good idea to hang out wherever you’re comfortable and talk. As much as you want to dress up and steal someone’s breath away, winter isn’t the best time to experiment with your fashion choices. Wear something comfortable that can keep you warm! Think thick jackets, denim pants, and sweaters. Winter is a great time for dates, but even then, you might still be confused.

If you haven’t done a deep dive yet, understanding the love languages sheds insight into you each give and receive love. We share everything you need to know about love languages here. If you haven’t heard, intentional personality tests are back.