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Calm down and take better aim before you start that DM slide. Although Eminem does not hesitate in calling out anyone and everyone in interviews and songs, he is private about his relationships and children. Even as one of the most popular celebrities who has been around since the 1990s, he has managed to keep a low profile, not much about his relationship or girlfriends are known. Karrine Steffans has appeared in more than 20 music videos for different celebrities.

They didn’t do it because Eminem was so excited that things ended earlier than expected. Rap fans have probably heard Kim Scott Mathers’ name before, mainly because she has been the only woman capable of marrying “The Real Slim Shady” singer not once but twice. Many of Eminem’s fans are familiar with his daughter and last year she talked about growing up in his shadow during an episode of her podcast, “Just a Little Shady.”

Kim will always be his one and true love, but there’s no denying that he’s made many of impressions with other chicks. So, while we’re at it, here are 20 pictures of stunning women Eminem has been spotted with. Eminem has allegedly confirmed he had a relationship with Tara Reid.

Despite his misgivings about dating post-divorce, he hasn’t totally given up on the idea of finding the special person. “I mean, I’d like to be in a relationship again someday. It’s just hard to meet new people, in my position,” he told Rolling Stone. Karrine Steffans is an American author, most notably of the Vixen series of books.

That is why he has got a “small circle of friends, and it’s a lot of the same friends I’ve known forever.” He went on to say that it is what works best for him right now. But people suspected that Nicki was just messing with her fans when Eminem commented on her Instagram post with “girl you know it’s true…” We believe that every person’s story is important as it provides our community with an opportunity to feel a sense of belonging, share their hopes and dreams. Eminem and Nicki Minaj released “Roman’s Revenge” in 2010.

Overall, Eminem may be an open book when it comes to his issues, but his personal life aka his dating status continues to remain a mystery. Fans were happy to see them together and their chemistry on Romans Revenge was evident. However, much to the fans’ dismay, it was revealed to be a publicity stunt, which seemed to have done its job.

Secretly Dated – Britney Spears

That’s especially the case as the Detroit-raised rapper, whose real name is Marshall Mathers III, takes the stage during the Super Bowl 2022 halftime show. So online, young men have been sliding into mom’s DMs, thinking it’s her daughter. Mom tweeted, I’m getting crazy dating requests who, clearly, by the content of the message, think they’re sending it to little A – that’s her daughter.

Brittany Andrews and Eminen are rumored to have had a brief relationship in the past, and it’s easily believable seeing as the rapper has an affinity for adult film stars. Like his entanglement with Kendra Jade, Em has never spoken about his brief fling with the actress. For someone so private, he sure has divulged private intimate information about certain women he claims to have been with in the past.

She features hairdressers, stylists, singing tutors, and the performers who she paid to appear at her anniversary bash at New York City’s plush Rainbow Room earlier this month. Mulvaney has bought a home in Los Angeles, shot videos from a luxury resort in French Polynesia, and spent a week at the $800-per-night Plaza Hotel in New York City. The University of Pittsburgh reportedly paid $26,250 for a Mulvaney speaking appearance this month, according to the campus newspaper. She also rakes in the cash by selling pink sweaters for $54 each, in her girlhood-themed merchandise range. Mulvaney’s online transition series, which has 10.8 million followers, was always odd. But her recent imitations of a fictional six-year-old girl called Eloise, who lives in a high-end hotel, and her masquerade as a child’s doll, have taken that strangeness to a new level.

Anyone who’s ever listened to Eminem’s lyrics has heard him trash talk his baby mama, so who possibly date a guy like that?! Given the fact that Eminem was also rumored to have a secret relationship with another on-set cast, Brittany Murphy. He denied the rumor to MTV, ” was completely untrue,” Eminem said, emphasizing, “I would not tell a lie.” Another ‘urban legend’ about girls who date Eminem is …

The ‘Bad Guy’ singer revealed she was once scared of Em. While the two have not commented on having an alleged romantic relationship, they have publicly interacted on a very distant level. No official source has come forward to back up the claims, and it was all based around a tweet from a parody hip-hop blog notorious for it’s tongue-in-cheek posts.


She has worked as an actress and as a video vixen, having appeared in more than 20 music videos, many by multiplatinum-selling rap artists. In 2007 and 2008, Steffans visited a number of college campuses to speak about her involvement in the hip-hop industry and its expectations of women. Eminem’s girlfriends and love life have always made headlines even though he prefers to keep personal details away from the spotlight. But his relationship with Mariah Carey was especially tumultuous. According to Zimbio, there were rumors that the two dated back in 2003 when Lynn appeared in one of Eminem’s music video. The rapper has a history of putting women from the “other industry” in his music videos.

The Right Stuff (dating app)

Eminem and Billie Eilish fans are shocked after a blog page alleged the pair are dating.


Mathers’ ex-husband, Marshall Mathers, also known as rapper Eminem, filed a motion seeking to prohibit her from making derogatory, disparaging, inflammatory and otherwise negative comments about him in public. Eminem has difficulties with relationships, he told Rolling Stone in a 2011 interview. On January 27, a hip-hop blog with the Twitter handle @HipHopFacts, stated that the 49-year-old rapper is dating the 20-year-old singer.