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Tired from a day of too much work and anxious thoughts about what would happen when Karkat woke up. The boxes were gone, probably in his room. It meant he took the time and looked through them, maybe he found something he liked. Whatever the case was, Dave was chalking this up as a victory.

Preliminary oxidation studies at 1500°C indicated the formation of a 5–10 µm protective silica layer on the surface of the specimens. Other reports described deposition of ZrC and HfC , but the methods have not yet been applied for the preparation of coatings for UHTC applications and hence are not discussed here. Pure diborides also have similarly low eutectic temperatures in contact with C–C and W, introducing significant design complexities for rocket motor components. However, Zr and Hf carbides and nitrides have high eutectic temperatures in contact with these structural materials and may be more suitable for the highest temperature applications.

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Only 8% with bachelor’s degrees were using online dating services. Finally, only 5% of those with no college degrees are on online dating platforms. As mentioned, online dating services are quite specialized.

In contrast, room-temperature values reported by Guo et al. and Ikegami et al. , which were both obtained by a comparison method using xenon flash, are approximately 20 and approximately 29% higher, respectively. The cause of the discrepancies in the Cp values is unclear, but it goes without saying that reliable Cp values are of utmost importance when calculating k. Finally, density is almost always evaluated using the Archimedes method. For cases in which density values are corrected for the effects of thermal expansion, tabulated data [20–23] or experimental dilatometry results [7, 8, 10, 13–15, 22] were used.

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He could live off that forever and he’d still be able to pay for stuff like universal healthcare and good public transport in his section of the world. “…What if I just quit my job. Jobs. Both of ’em. Fuck it, no more job. I getta be me s’more, reunite with my passions and shit. Hang out with the raddest red-blood this side of the galaxy. Live life without the restraints of a job….jobs.” Here’s the scene, Karkat and Dave gazing into each others eyes, the background is now a soft pink with a sparkly filter over it, a heart made out of flowers is outlining the two of them.

It’s true that in the past they weren’t as inclined to be as openly vulnerable or willing to participate in PDA but fuck it, who cares. That was before they thought they’d never see each other again. That was before they had to lose each other and go through their own personal hells. The two laughed awkwardly in between smooches as the ginormous weight lifted off their shoulders. They were sixteen again, young and in love and happy and unstoppable. “Karkat, look at me.” Dave’s hand reached over to tenderly cup Karkat’s right cheek, slowly turning his head to face him.

If you’re a girl writing to a guy, feel free to compliment him even on his good appearance. He’ll be surprised and flattered at the same time (guys don’t normally get such messages — they send them!). Too long messages are usually ignored by both sexes. SiC-whisker- or SiC-chopped-fiber-reinforced ZrB2 ­composites were prepared at relatively lower temperatures of up to 1730°C by hot pressing using Si3N4 as a sintering aid . The whiskers underwent undesirable reactions even at this temperature, but the fibers were more stable. ZrSi2 or MoSi2 can also be used as sintering aids instead of Si3N4, and SPS can be employed for sintering instead of hot pressing .

Sometimes, no matter what you do, the recipient just isn’t interested for some reason. So, test out some different techniques and remember that sometimes you just have to move on to another person who may be more interested. Wait for the appropriate time to give information about yourself.

Soup kambing, or sup kambing, is an Indian Muslim dish of rich mutton stew cooked with spices including cumin and star anise, and accompanied by a side of bread for dipping. The hearty broth is said to be super popular in the 1950s and 1960s, among footballers who frequented the stalls along Northumberland Road after a hard day of training at the nearby Farrer Park Sports Complex. Goat meat used to be the default meat for this dish, though more recent iterations star imported mutton instead. The hawkers are constantly improving upon their recipe by taking into account their customer’s opinions, creating a well-balanced, fragrant gravy over time that reflects the important relationship between hawker and patron. These days, the stall only opens a few days a week, so be sure to check their opening hours before going down. Historically, the humble satay has been sold in a variety of ways.

They got to work, laying width-wise next to each other on the bed. Her Imperial Radiance’s newly appointed personal knight. He was half dead and covered in blood and alone in the middle of the forest. He doesn’t give off the aura of a knight by there’s a certain intensity in his eyes that I can’t deny. I don’t know whether it’s because they’re such a rich shade of red or because they’ve experienced so much war already.

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They were things he knew he could use later while he spilled his guts out in front of Dave. Setting the lance aside, Karkat picked up a small bag and shook it around. The sound of rattling bones sounded from inside. He immediately dropped the bag and slid it into the open closet.

In fact the Karkat he knew would sooner try and turn into a completely different species than even consider speaking like a prissy douchebag. “So uh, are you going to talk to me? Like at all?” The troll took a sideways glance at Dave. Karkat slowly turned his entire body around, wincing as he did, to face Dave.