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Known for playing the iconic vampire Stefan Salvatore, Paul Wesley accrued a large following after making a debut onThe Vampire Diaries. Like his character, many fans would agree that Wesley is one of the kindest and most selfless individuals they will ever meet as the 39-year-old has helped and hosted many charities events . Much like in the show, the 33-year-old dated her co-star, Ian Somerhalder, for a brief period of time a few years ago.

Enzo and Damon then go to the house where Stefan and Elena are dreaming of and they meet Markos. Markos wants to talk to Damon alone, but Enzo tries to say differently so Markos tells him he won’t find out about Maggie if he doesn’t stay. Wes tells him the Travelers raised the acidity of his blood so Damon was essentially drinking hydrochloric acid.

Due to her resentment and newfound hatred of them, it causes a rift in her and Elena’s friendship as Bonnie wants nothing to do with Vampires, meaning she can’t be near Elena due to her connection with Stefan. Hazel lies dead on the floor and Enzo tells Caroline she was in a trance and couldn’t answer questions. He says he’s only doing what needs to be done to save Stefan.


Enzo tells them that Wes was experimenting with him and discovered the antidote. Caroline asks what does that have to do with them, Sloan says that when Wes died, the travelers took it. And seeing as Elena is valuable to them, they are in the process of using Wes’ resources to find a cure for her virus. He also says that the last remaining pair of doppelgängers are special. Caroline asks what he means by “special” but Sloan interrupts telling her that it is none of their business. Enzo replies anyways to her talking about Markos, the leader of travelers.


One of the only non-supernatural characters on the show, Matt Donovan actually aged through the series. However, unlike his teen character, Zach Roerig was 24 when he began to film the series and is now 37 years old. King married musician Joe King back in 2014, after being introduced to him by her co-star, Nina Dobrev .

Candice King took the role of Caroline Forbes on the series. The actress dated the person who her character had a complicated relationship with — Zach Roerig, who plays the role of Matt Donovan. When Phoebe Tonkin first appeared at the onset of the fourth season of “The Vampire Diaries,” Paul noticed her right away.

Bonnie takes him to the cabin where they first fell in love but nothing works, so she takes drastic measures and sets the cabin on fire. Magically sealed in, there is no escape for Enzo and Bonnie refuses to leave him. In present day, Bonnie and Enzo will reluctantly have to team up with Damon, who is determined to help save her life and repair their friendship. Of course, not everyone is thrilled with the way Bonnie and Enzo’s story ended . Which is another reason why they were unhappy to see the series end; the characters were tossed together a bit sloppily. Though everything from the pilot to the finale was painstakingly planned out for the central couple, that wasn’t so for Bonnie’s storyline.

Most notably, he has been involved in romantic relationships with Bonnie Bennett , Liv Parker , and Jo Parker (portrayed by Jodi Lyn O’Keefe). The actors Ian Somerhalder and Michael Malarkey, who play Damon and Enzo, are best friends in real life. In Total Eclipse of the Heart, together they’ve captured Diane, who works for the Augustine and compel her to talk all she knows about Wes Maxfield.

Bonnie tells Enzo to stop treating Lily like a prize to be won and makes it clear that fighting over a woman isn’t the turn on Enzo thinks it is, and that he should try flowers, dinner, and listening. Bonnie then finds Oscar’s car, they search the trunk of it to find a small sword. Enzo is ready to take it and kill Julian, meanwhile Bonnie wants to do research on the sword, to see if Julian wants to kill someone with it or is afraid to be killed by it. Enzo brushes her off wanting to just rush in and use the sword on Julian so he can have Lily, Bonnie sarcastically tells Enzo to go pick a fight with an extremely power vampire, that should work out great.

Paul Wesley was 27 when he played Stefan Salvatore, a vampire who was roughly around 18 when he was changed into a vampire in 1864. Doomed from the get-go, Anna and Jeremy’s vampire-human (and briefly ghost-human) relationship was powered by teen angst in its purest form. And like most angsty teens, it just kind of stopped being cute after a while. Reggie White is a former American professional football player who played for 15 seasons…

She reminds him he was using his looks to get info from the witch. He says he has no idea if the Gemini coven lead is legit and says they’re going somewhere else which turns out to be Stefan’s new home. Stefan stunned that Caroline and Enzo have come, serves dinner and they all eat. Ivy asks how they know Stefan and Caroline says he dated her best friend in high school. He explains that he met Ivy when she brought her car into the auto shop where he works. He says he’s a neck person and so is Stefan who says – not any more.

Earlier, Sybil, the Armory’s monster, mentally manipulated Enzo and Damon to fight against each other until Bonnie chooses between them. However, Caroline’s help is shortlived when Enzo and Damon break Caroline and Stefan’s neck and continue to fight to the death on their own. In Gods and Monsters, they ally together to save Bonnie’s life. They are successful and they come out satisfied with their lives in the end. After seducing a witch, Enzo decides to take Caroline on a road trip. While in the car, he asks her why she dropped out of school and he says she should go back since looks only take you so far.