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This Netflix reality dating show has accurately been described as “90 Day Fiancé” meets “The Circle.” In this social experiment , individuals meet, date, and get engaged without seeing one another face-to-face. Each season follows a single bachelor who dates multiple women over several weeks, narrowing them down to one who will ideally become his fiancé. Thanks to spin-offs like “The Bachelorette” and “Bachelor in Paradise,” the Chris Harrison-hosted franchise is now a year-round occurrence. Tap “Sign me up” below to receive our weekly newsletter with updates on movies, TV shows, Rotten Tomatoes podcast and more. The fun social groups that are forming in the mixer feature also vary by state, allowing users to meet with people with similar dating interests. “‘Enola Holmes’ offers brisk and exuberant escape from the heaviness of modern times, with its leading actress lending her own appealing touches to the journey,” Anne Hornaday wrote for The Washington Post.

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And in a twist of events, it makes sense why Basra didn’t end up with anyone—because she ended up finding love with James Adolphus, one of the show’s directors. In a recent interview with Oprah Magazine, Gurki revealed it was because of her bad date on the show that she found her Mr. Right. “If it hadn’t been for the bad Justin date, and I would have probably never become close in the first place,” she told the publication.

Dating Around’s main tension is, essentially, “Which of these five people might get a second date? ” but the premise also means we’ll never see any of these people again, or get to know where any of this went after the fact. A more addictive version of Dating Around would follow a few of the featured singles past their second dates, or would at least include an update episode to check in how how things went. As it is, there’s nothing to pull you from one episode to the next, no personalities that return, no growing attachments to specific relationships. Its editing, its premise, its cast members — everything about Netflix’s new dating reality show slides off the brain at first, creating almost no impression. The first episode features a blandly attractive white guy named Luke from New York City who works in real estate.

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A new Netflix show about dating in New York features five Brooklyn spots, including Lighthouse in Williamsburg. That’s right, Netflix’s next spinoff applies the Indian Matchmaking formula to Jewish singles in the U.S. and Israel. A Jewish matchmaker will help facilitate the Orthodox matchmaking tradition of shidduch. People took to Twitter to share their thoughts — and concerns — about the new show.

New York City women initiate with men an average of 13 times a day. Netflix features one season of this popular show, season 6 with contestant Ali Fedotowsky. But the thing about You that made me a frenzied evangelist to all my friends, particularly my straight female ones, was what it manages to capture about dating in 2019, particularly in a city like New York.

In “Work It,” after high-school senior Quinn gets caught up in a lie during her college interview at her dream school, she’s forced to start her own dance crew with her best friend Jasmine and a ragtag group of classmates. In order to cheer Jenny up, her best friends take her out for a wild final night in New York. DeWanda Wise, Gina Rodriguez, and Brittany Snow starred as best friends in “Someone Great.” “‘Alex Strangelove’ is witty, compassionate and enjoyable throughout; a charming movie and in many respects an enlightened one,” wrote Glenn Kenny for The New York Times. The story centers on shameless misogynist Damien , who wakes up one day to find that men and women have reversed roles in society.

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But before you hit the beach, find your streaming soulmate here. The eponymous British show crash-lands in the States, complete with a fresh crew of singles. Clad in their sexiest swimwear, these singles are coupled up with fellow islanders and tasked with establishing a connection — and hopefully winning some cash while they’re at it. Everything is undeniably sexy and flirty , plus there are plenty of silly challenges, like attempting to spit food in their partner’s mouth.

In “The Awakening of Motti Wolkenbruch,” Motti is supposed to be looking for an Orthodox Jewish woman to marry. But instead, he falls for his classmate Laura (Noémie Schmidt), who his mother doesn’t approve of. In “Tall Girl 2,” Jodi navigates keeping her relationships afloat while dealing with the pressure of landing the lead in the school musical.

Match’s top-notch matching capabilities aren’t too shabby either, taking into consideration the features, attributes, qualities, etc. that you indicate you’re looking for. New York City women on Zoosk have an average of 13 deep conversations a day. With a free membership, you can create a profile and search for possible matches, but they tend to make it pretty tricky to actually communicate with others unless you’re paying for a membership.

Its creator, Mike Flanagan, takes some liberties with the source material, setting his version in the present day. He also centers the 10 episodes on the Crain siblings, who have been haunted for years by their brief childhood stay at the creepy Hill House. The show goes back and forth between past and present, with varying results. It’s hard to make those jump-out-of-your-seat scares stretch for the series’ 10 hours, and there are times when you might wish that a ghost is just a ghost, not a metaphor for lingering childhood trauma. But for horror fans, or Jackson acolytes, “Hill House” is good for some spine-chilling thrills. The two pop stars were rumored to be an item after they were supposedly spotted grabbing dinner together in New York City.

The phrase “I want to date myself for a while” is rightfully lampooned. Reale and Young-White, on the other hand, have next to no chemistry as actors, not even as “friends,” so it’s hard to figure out what exactly is holding these two together. Milo is supposed to be a love-lorn romantic, but Young-White doesn’t project that at all. He reads more like a wannabe ladies’ man, who also has a crush on Hank. (This is a very intriguing and welcome possibility, one the film does not explore.) Muller and Cohen are like Bruno Kirby and Carrie Fisher in “When Harry Met Sally,” but at least Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal held the center. Kirby/Fisher were there as contrast, and so are Muller/Cohen, but there’s really nothing to contrast against.

“Love Is Blind” challenges contestants to get engaged without seeing each other in person.

She sets up a kissing booth at her high school’s spring carnival to raise money for her dance club and ends up kissing the boy of her dreams . “Naked” is about a man who’s going to marry his dream girl , but every time he tries to get to the altar he finds himself waking up naked in his hotel elevator forced to relive the morning of his wedding day over and over again. All told it’s a strange case of a holiday story negating a family’s Asian identity while also othering them in specific way. That’s what hits before we get to the leads’ total lack of chemistry.