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Due to basic insecurity, you’re preoccupied with the relationship and highly attuned to your partner, worrying that he or she wants less closeness. But because you don’t get your needs met, you become unhappy. Adding to this, you take things personally with a negative twist, projecting negative outcomes.

Low Self Esteem Inhibits Loving Relationships

It’s hard sometimes to say no when opportunities come knocking at the door or when friends reach out and ask for a favor. Try to be assertive when communicating with others. This means speaking up for yourself and sharing your thoughts and feelings openly. There are a number of things that you can do to help promote trust in your relationship.

The fact is, if you don’t feel good about yourself, nothing he does will ever be enough. If you don’t truly believe you are worthy of love, you will never believe someone else can love you. Confident women don’t need to sell themselves; rather, they use dating as a means to determine which guys are worthy of their time and affection.

The other family members sacrifice their personal needs to care for the ill person or shield the addict from the consequences of their behavior. If you grew up in this type of household, you might be used to putting excessive emphasis on the needs of others while neglecting your sense of self. Low self-esteem in relationships can lead to lower levels of satisfaction and trust, leading to more conflicts with your partner.


Don’t post everything you do on social media, and think twice before telling your friends all about them. It is fine to talk about them to your loved ones, but make sure you give them a good understanding of the person you are with. Showing your love and affection is something that conveys confidence, and it may leave you feeling better about yourself and your relationship as well. If you are unable to accept that you are likable and you deserve to be happy and loved, you may end up being unable to maintain a healthy relationship.

Start by making a two-column list of ten of your strengths and ten of your weaknesses. This list will help you understand your self-worth and what you bring to a relationship. Research shows five positive events are necessary to reverse the damage of one negative interaction. It applies to all types of relationships and even to how we treat ourselves. When you have friends, hobbies, and dreams, you minimize the pressure on your partner and the relationship to be all things and fulfill everything in your life. It is one of the things that attracted your partner in the first place.

I was addicted to approval and validation from other women. Passing judgment on others is something that insecure people do to make themselves feel better. An insecure musician, for example, can easily spend all day talking about how people who listen to this or that artist have poor taste.

Why Am I Attracted To People That Test Me?

Don’t take someone’s actions personally – it may not be about you. Each day tell yourself that you are good, kind, and confident. A positive interaction is a friendly conversation, praise, or a nonverbal wink. Negative interactions could be criticism or disapproving looks. Research has suggested that constant self-judgment and shame can even shut down the brain’s learning centers, robbing us of the resources we need to adapt and grow.

This includes wearing clothes that make you feel good, that fit you right, and are comfortable. If you don’t wear clothes that make you feel good, this will hamper your confidence. I don’t look different than when we first met, so why would they stay with me. Identify and write out the narrative you’re telling yourself. Writing these out forces you to connect with them on another level.

According to this principle, there are three major types of attachment. These are often derived from the way you were treated as a child and translate into your intimate relationships without your even realizing. Most of all, confidence lies in fostering a sense of love and respect for who you are as a person – without getting too cocky or arrogant.

He may have a good reason for keeping it in his closet. Instead of wondering about it and possibly becoming upset, it may be more useful to ask him about it. Then you don’t have to obsess or worry about the issue anymore. You might tend to think too hard about small details all the time, but you should try to refrain from doing this.

They don’t do it so that they can look good to others—it’s not like they have something to prove! They do it so that they can look good to themselves. As far as they’re concerned, everyone has the potential to do good things or have good ideas, and discriminating on people only cuts them off from the diamonds in the rough. They live by the idea that so long as there’s a will, there’s a way.

When some people hear the word therapy, they assume it’s only for people or ss that are experiencing serious issues. However, therapy or counseling is also for people who want to prevent serious turbulence in their relationships. As much as a man will be there to cheer you on, you must be your own cheerleader and encourager too, especially when you are both feeling low self-esteem at the same time. Apart from the bonding factor of cheering up each other, your sense of self shouldn’t only be as a result of what your partner likes or says is right. The seemingly unimportant words (and non-verbal ones) influence our emotions and eventually, our actions.

As a couple, it may help to venture out and engage in a mutually satisfying hobby or activity together. Learning how to authentically and sincerely praise your partner can be a source of increasing their sense of self as well as the health of a relationship. Self-confidence is our belief in our capabilities and our belief that we are able to successfully and effectively show up in certain situations.